The land of Gold
Southern Laos Charming by nature


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Tourist sites

Nong Fa lake

The source of the Xe Kaman River and is a 2-day walk from Sanxay District in the northeast of Attapeu. Situated amid serene natural beauty and fenced by peaks of mountains. This virgin lake has all year round sky blue water. The depth of the lake  is unknown.
The king stupa

This old pagoda at Saysettha District was built in 1577 and represents a crucial moment in Lane Xang history when King Saysetthathirath died nearby. The great age of the stupa is evidenced by the original handmade bricks containing the rice grains.

Ho Chi Minh Trail
Memorian of war in Sanxay District close to Tadnampa Waterfall.

Saeponlai waterfall

                  Tad Saepha Water fall

     In the Xe Pian River, within the Xe Pian National  Protected  Area  61  km  from Samakkhixai District, 23 m high and 120 m wide.

Wat Sakhae Temple

The ancient temple of Attapeu, the sacred Buddha image of Ongsene is one of the holiest of relic.
Attapeu Souvenirs include pottery, jars and pots from Ban Thahin; also a must buy is the cotton textiles, particularly from the Taliang ethnic group available from Ban Xaysamphan at Samakkhixay District; finally the basketry products of other various ethnic groups are available in the marketplace in Samakkhixay.

Tad Samongphak Water fall

Runs from Houai Samong to Xe Pian River, 10 meters height and 30 meters width. It is a 1 hour 45 minute boat trip up the Xe Pain river from Ban Mai (Sanamxay District). The second place can be reached by a 1 hour walk.

                 Tad huakhon Water fall
It was form by xenamnoi river,It's 200 m wide and 10-15m high,It's 60 km in distance.